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    Due to the varying nature of an office clerk’s job, it is not always necessary to have specific office clerk training. Some companies still take on office clerks at a junior level, before giving them on-the-job training so that they have the skills needed to carry out their job. However, a growing number of people are choosing to take on training in various forms; as such it is a good idea to explore what is available, and consider carefully whether you want to adopt formal qualifications.

    What types of office clerk training are available?

    If you want to formalise your office clerk skills, you may want to consider studying an associate’s degree in a relevant area. These two-year degrees focus on office administration and cover a broad range of topics that will equip you for the role of an office clerk. You will cover the basics of bookkeeping, as well as vital skills like office management and human resources.

    It is usually the case that an associate’s degree will focus on the software commonly used when working as an office clerk. Being able to prove to a future employer that you can use these is a great way to enhance your job prospects

    If you don’t want to commit to an associate’s degree, there are alternatives available. You may wish to consider completing an office clerk’s certificate, which can often be done online. You will be introduced to basics, like taking minutes, basic business management, and basic human resources management. Upon completion you will have the knowledge needed to work as an office clerk, and a qualification to prove it.

    Those currently working as an office clerk may wish to improve on their skills by taking courses that focus on some of the software used by office clerks. This could include various Sage packages, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel. Gaining formal training will maximize your employment prospects.

    How long does it take to get the qualifications?

    How long it takes to get your office clerk qualifications will depend on how much time you have. You can complete an associate’s degree in two years, but those with other commitments may wish to take longer. You may gain a certificate in under a year.

    What happens when you have your basic qualifications?

    Once you have your basic office clerk training qualifications, you may wish to build on your experience to gain a promotion, or to work in a more specialized field. For example, you can train in the latest Microsoft packages or business legislation to move up the career ladder. If you want to work in a field like medicine, you may want to train in medical coding and transcription.

    Taking on extra office clerk training opportunities is the best way to ensure you move onto more advanced positions, and is advisable for those who want to specialize. However, it is also possible to stick to on-the-job training once you have gained a job or taken on basic office clerk qualifications.

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