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    In order to become a plumber, or work in any of the specific industries related to this field, individuals will need to obtain the proper education. Training to be a plumber is not like most other career paths, though. Generally, it is a job that you will get through an apprenticeship. This means you will work on improving your skills under the watchful eye of another licensed professional. However, there are different paths individuals can take during this process.

    What Is a Plumbing Apprenticeship?

    Though some individuals start out their plumber training in a trade school learning this method, most will spend between four and five years in an apprenticeship. This process allows individuals to learn from those who are already working in the trade. Most of the time, individuals will spend at least 1700 and 2000 hours of on the job training. This is often paid work. Individuals will need an additional 246 hours of related technical education in the field. The goal of learning in this manner is often very effective.

    In an apprenticeship, plumbers will learn about safety, local codes and regulations as well as how to handle every aspect of the job, including how to read blueprints. Additionally, most will have an education in chemistry, applied physics and in mathematics, all of which allow the individual to learn a great deal about the process.

    Where to Find an Apprenticeship

    There are various types of apprenticeships. This includes those available through local businesses or unions. Some also work through community colleges or work-study programs. Most will start out as an apprentice learning the very basics and then will expand knowledge as they move from one task to the other.

    Plumber Training -Formal Education

    It is possible for individuals to enroll in trade or technical schools to obtain formal education in this field. Plumbers may find these programs available to them locally. These courses will teach various sciences as well as required mathematics. They will also provide for welding courses that can help those who work as pipefitters or steamfitters. In many cases, these individuals will enroll in courses like this and then will work within an apprenticeship program at the same time.


    In most states, it is a requirement for individuals who work as plumbers to maintain a license. These licenses differ from one local area to another, though. Most will need to have two to five years of experience in an apprentice-style program as well as pass a written and practical exam. This will ensure that the individual has the education he or she needs to do well in the field.

    Plumber training is not easy work, but it can be one of the first steps to entering a successful career path. Individuals who wish to become plumbers may wish to talk to local agencies about the apprenticeship programs they offer. Turn to local union offices for additional information on these programs as well. Or, you can enroll in trade schools who can provide ample training in the field to get you started.

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