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To become a receptionist, individuals must have the ability to learn on the job. Though some do obtain education from vocational schools, trade schools, or even college, others do not need to do so. You can enter this field without a lot of training. However, you have to be able to learn on the spot and be able to adapt as conditions change. There is a long period of growth within the business. Those who do well in this field, though, will find that they are very valuable assets to the company.


Some individuals seek out receptionist training and education before entering this field. If that is the case, this type of education can come from a variety of sources. This includes basic administrative training programs through community colleges, vocational schools or some trade schools. This type of education will focus on computer skills, basic calendar keeping skills, communication skills, as well as how to use various types of computer programs commonly used within the industry the individual plans to enroll in.

On The Job  Receptionist Training

More commonly, though, individuals will be hired into these positions and learn on the job. Most receptionists will train on the company’s phone system and computers, for example, to learn the programs properly based on the way the organization uses them. This type of receptionist training is ideal in some situations because it allows the individual to adapt to the company’s policies and procedures rather than just working with basic skills.

Most will need to learn quickly. They will get the opportunity to interact with the public right away, often learning the procedures as they go. Most will work with a trainer but they may have to work on their own and handle situations as they go. Most employers want individuals who know how to use various types of software programs, including word processing programs, spreadsheets and industry-specific programs. Others will provide formal education through classes or seminars to the individual.

Advancing In This Field

For those who wish to advance in the field, it is possible. Some individuals will move into management positions. This may require some management training, which may be done in-house or through a community college or trade school. Many times, experience is the biggest factor in the higher paying jobs and the management-like roles. Most applicants will spend a few years learning how to do the job within the company before they will be considered for advancement in the field. Industry-specific training is important.

For those who wish to work in a receptionist job, it is critical to consider the amount of experience you have. Often times by having more than basic computer skills can be helpful in obtaining access to the higher paying positions. More so, consider the industry you hope to work in. Those who wish to work in the healthcare sector can expect to need more experience in that area, which may be obtained through formal training. Nevertheless, opportunities to enter this field right away and to train on the job are available.

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