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    The amount and type of security guard training an individual needs is dependent on the field he or she plans to work in. In some states, it is a legal requirement for individuals who work in the field to have a state-issued license to work as a security guard. In other states, this is not necessary. Many individuals will pursue this type of education anyway as it prepares them for on the job. It can also be a very important education to have in some fields and employers look for it. Others can enter into basic types of security work such as monitoring retail establishments or schools, and not have any formal training.

    Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice

    One of the most commonly sought after types of education for those who work as security guards is a bachelor’s degree in some element of criminal justice. It is not necessary to attend a police academy, but individuals can and should have training in protection services. This may include obtaining a formal education from an accredited school.

    Associate’s Degrees

    Those who will enter basic security work may be able to obtain a basic associate or certificate in the field. Some community colleges offer these. This type of education often does not require any type of firearms training, which is a main difference in the fields. Individuals will learn about law, self-defense, criminal psychology, and similar topics to prepare them for the job. This type of program is often one to two years in length.

    On the Job Security Guard Training Courses

    Some states require on the job training courses to be provided to those working as security guards. This type of education will include comprehensive training of the job, including identifying risks, managing risks, and prevention methods. For those who will work as an armed guard, which is any individual who will have a weapon for protection, will need to obtain a license from the state to do so. Firearms training courses are necessary for those who work as armed security guards. Most require 47-hours of training both in school and in the field. In addition, there may be special armed guard training programs available. These may require training courses in firearms as well as specialized services.

    On-Going Education

    In some cases, individuals will need to continue education on an ongoing basis. This will be dependent on the job requirements. In some cases, individuals will need annual training to maintain access to a firearm on the job.

    Specialized Schools

    Some of the most comprehensive secure guard training comes from specialized schools. These programs have intense programs that prepare students to handle a wide assortment of threats they may meet in their job duties. This may include training with firearms as well as with other defensive tools. Individuals who wish to make this career a long term position will often have the best access to jobs after enrolling in a specialized security guard training program and completing the curriculum. This can also help ensure the individual qualifies for any state required licenses to work in the field.

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