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    Stockbroker training is a requirement for most people who work in this field. Each year, millions of stock purchases and sales take place in the United States and other stock markets around the world. In order for those transactions to happen, skilled, trained stockbrokers are necessary. These individuals handle the buying and selling process on behalf of their clients. Though some, known as financial advisors and investment consultants, focus on providing advice and guidance to those planning to make a purchase, others just make the transaction take place. In all situations, these individuals need training.

    College Level Education Requirement

    Nearly all companies that hire stockbrokers require at least a bachelor’s degree in some area of finance, generally in financial investments. Economic and finance degrees are often the most important to have. The goal of this training is to ensure the individual understands the complex world of devising successful strategies for investing in stocks. Students also often study areas of accounting and business, both of which contribute to the education and experience of the individual in this high-stress environment.

    Additionally, most stockbrokers continue education to achieve a Master of Business Administration or MBA. This is often necessary for those who will work in higher-level positions within the securities industry. Often,, an MBA graduate will already have a significant amount of experience in the job field and may be looking to simply advance his or her knowledge for promotion. In some cases, better compensation or larger bonuses are available to those with this advanced training.

    Stockbroker – On the Job Training

    In nearly all situations, stockbrokers will need some level of on the job training. Often, it is intensive. This training will familiarize the individual for work within the firm, including the types of products offered, the services provided and the methods for completing duties. In many cases, trainees will have a period of technical training. Those who work as a securities or a commodity sales agent will also need ongoing training for any type of developments or products offered.

    Stockbroker Training – Maintaining Licensing

    Those working as a stockbroker may need to obtain a license. They will need to register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA in order to provide their services. In order to do this, the individual must first obtain a license. After completing bachelor degree education, individuals will need to sit for the FINRA test. This series of exams helps ensure the individual has the education necessary to work in this field. These tests must be maintained with continuing education throughout the stockbroker’s careers.

    Additional stockbroker training may be necessary. For those who work as financial analysts, giving advice and consultation, it may be necessary to obtain a Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA certification. This requires additional study and exam passing. Those with this type of education may work as a sale agent or as a supervisor in their field. Training is often ongoing in this field as the markets and laws regarding this agency change. It is always a good idea to maintain education.

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