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As web designers are in high demand at the moment, this is a career path that many people are choosing to embark on. One of the most attractive things about becoming a web designer is you do not need to worry about engaging in lengthy degrees in order to meet your career goals. In-fact, many web designers choose to train on their own.

Web Designer Degrees

In order to become a web designer, you do not have to have a degree. However, there are certain degrees that could equip you well for the job, and they may even give you an advantage over your competitors.

Computer science will make understanding HTML and CSS easier, and you may even cover them during your studies. Having a degree in computer science will also give you a slight edge in terms of web development, which is more advanced than web designing. This is good for those who want to try web design, but would consider moving onto web development at a later stage.

Business and marketing degrees can also be useful for those who want to become a web designer. HTML and CSS can be learned easily, but understanding the broader aspects of Internet marketing can be to your advantage. You will know more about branding, search engine optimisation, and how to recognize trends and changes. Armed with this information, your designs may be more practical and your employment prospects more realistic.

Web Designer Certificates

For those who want to become a web designer without going to college, obtaining a web design certificate is a popular option. These certificates will teach you everything you need to know about the essentials, and will provide you with a formal qualification to add to your resume afterwards. With a web designer certificate you will get the opportunity to gain formal training in applications like Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, and e-commerce. Web designer certificates can be undertaken on a distance learning basis, or at a college.

Self-Taught Web Designers

Although many aspects of web design are complex, they are not difficult to the point that it is impossible to learn web design by teaching yourself. The Internet is packed with information regarding HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and many other aspects of web design learning. Much of this can be accessed via visual means, such as YouTube. With video lessons available for wannabe web designers, it is entirely feasible to learn the skills needed without paying for a degree or certificate. However, this is not a route for the faint hearted and may take a little longer than formal teaching.

Further Web Designer Training

As with any profession, web design is something that innovates and changes. Expect to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, and you will find that your business excels. If you are employed, this is something that your employer will direct you through as time goes on. If you are self-employed, you need to stay motivated in order to make sure your knowledge is as fresh as it can be.

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