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    Truck driving is an excellent career path for those individuals who enjoy spending time on the open road. These positions tend to pay quite well and most truck drivers will tell you that there are excellent perks to the profession that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

    What Does a Truck Driver Do?

    A truck driver is responsible for transporting goods and raw materials from one location to another. For example, many truck drivers make trips to and from manufacturing locations, as well as retail and distribution centers across the country.

    Truck drivers may also be responsible for various levels of sales and customer service, depending on the position they are hired into. Truck drivers typically have contact with several important individuals who are crucial to the supply chain and sale of goods.

    Maintenance of the vehicle is typically a responsibility of most truck drivers. The state and federal government have strict regulations in place regarding the condition of big trucks as they carry their loads across the country. Some of the cargo can be hazardous to the general public if the proper safety precautions are not enforced.

    Truck Driver Training

    What Kind of Training is Involved?

    Truck drivers in the United States must obtain a CDL (commercial driver’s license.) The training for this license involves some classroom material, as well as written and driving exams. At the end of a CDL course, the truck driver will have passed the requirements to legally drive a commercial vehicle. Most schools train their students for the class A CDL, which allows the driver to drive a truck that weighs more than 26,000 pounds.

    You can find CDL training from your local community college, private truck driving organizations and even from the trucking companies that may hire you. It usually takes about six months to complete a CDL training program.

    Typically, community college CDL programs are less expensive than private classes, but your enrollment options may be limited. These classes may also take more time to complete than private classes.

    If you are concerned about tuition, you should know that there may be financial aid available at the truck driving school you choose. In some cases, a truck driving company may reimburse the cost of tuition in exchange for a contract commitment.

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    Truck Driver Jobs

    What Kind of Career Opportunities are there?

    Truck drivers have several career opportunities available. You can work for a small regional company, transporting supplies to and from a warehouse without ever leaving the local metropolitan area. Or you may choose a position with a large oil and gas company and travel back and forth across the country.

    The auto industry uses truck drivers to haul new and used cars to various locations and dealerships across the country. The boat industry does as well. Bullrack drivers will haul livestock such as cattle or pigs across the country. Flatbed drivers haul large industrial products—like lumber and steel—to and from locations.

    Simply put, your options as a truck driver are nearly endless. If you enjoy spending time on the open road, then a job as a truck driver may be the answer for you!

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