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    A waiter may have many different responsibilities at a restaurant. Above all else, excellent service is expected from these individuals, because they are the “faces” of the establishment. These people usually have the most contact with customers and are quite important to a healthy restaurant business. Ultimately, a waiter or waitress is responsible for ensuring quality of product AND service.

    The service industry is a world of opportunity for workers of all ages and it is not uncommon to see a 19-year-old server working alongside a 45-year-old. With so much of our economy dependent on service professionals, waiting tables also gives you excellent skills that translate well into other jobs.

    What Does a Waiter/Waitress Do?

    A waiter or waitress provides service to restaurant patrons. While the specific job responsibilities of a waiter or waitress will vary depending on the job, you can expect to perform some of the following tasks.

    • Greeting customers
    • Seating customers
    • Taking and fulfilling drink orders
    • Recommending wines and other alcoholic beverages
    • Recommending appetizers, entrees and desserts
    • Bringing orders to the table
    • Solving any problems or concerns a customer has

    Waiters are often hired for their positive attitudes and ability to think quickly. Many waiting positions will require you to manage multiple orders from multiple tables, so it is important that you learn to manage your workflow properly.

    In some fine-dining environments, the role of a waiter or waitress will be more advanced. These individuals may need to learn specific facts about wines and how delicacies are prepared. They will need to have a thorough understanding of fine-dining etiquette and how to interact with a different type of clientele or environment.

    Waiter / Waitress Training

    What Kind of Training is Involved?

    Most training for these positions will take place over a few weeks. First, you will likely need to memorize the menu and alcohol selections of your restaurant. After being tested on your skills, you will likely shadow another experienced server as they perform their job. Eventually, you will be given responsibility of a few tables on your own as a trainer or another server watches you do your job.

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    Waiter / Waitress Jobs

    What Kind of Career Opportunities are there for Waiters/Waitresses?

    There are a tremendous amount of opportunities out there for aspiring servers. New restaurants, cafes and pubs open up throughout the nation every week and many of these establishments will need to bring in new servers from the local area. If you don’t have any experience—don’t worry! Most establishments have a thorough training program.

    If you enjoy the service industry, you may consider moving into other roles later on in your career. There are a number of management and administration options available and some restaurants will even pay for college level classes in accounting and other business courses. At the higher levels of an organization there may be regional director, training and marketing positions you can work your way towards.

    The service industry provides a wide variety of options for workers from all walks of life. If working with people and food sounds like an interesting lifestyle to you, then a job as a waiter or waitress may be a good option.

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