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  • Why Being a Waiter / Waitress Is Currently One of the Top 10 Career Choices

    Waiter / Waitress Is Currently One of the Top 10 Career ChoicesDo you have a talent for working with people? Are you a customer service oriented individual? If so, a career as a waiter or waitress may be just the thing for you. Read on to learn why being a waiter or waitress is currently one of the top 10 career choices.

    1. You don’t need a college education.

    Many professions these days will require at least a four-year degree just to land an entry-level position. That’s not the case with waiting jobs. If you have a good attitude and can learn the basics of food handling and serving your customers, you may be an excellent candidate for a waiting position.

    2. Your compensation is performance-based.

    Waiters and waitresses earn tips for their service. Most times, the value of these tips is directly the result of how well they took care of their customers. Just as an excellent salesperson will earn more than an average salesperson, an excellent server will make more than an average server.

    3. Waiting jobs are flexible.

    Are you a student? Do you have another part-time job that takes up part of your day? Waiting tables is an excellent option for those individuals who need a career with a flexible schedule. This is one reason why so many actors started out as waiters and waitresses. In the event of a last-minute audition, another server on staff can usually step in.

    4. You learn a tremendous amount of important business skills.

    Learning to work well with a wide variety of customers is an extremely valuable business skill. Any businessperson will tell you that a healthy business relies on excellent service. As a waiter, you will also learn how to manage your time, handle cash and work in a fast-paced environment.

    5. There is plenty of mobility within the industry.

    Have you ever considered a job as a manager? Perhaps you’ve wanted to make your way into marketing, but you didn’t know how to “break in?” Most organizations that hire servers will have additional administrative positions that pay quite well. In many cases, these organizations prefer to promote existing staff members into these positions.

    6. The demand for servers is still going strong.

    Despite a sluggish economy, the demand for excellent service professionals is still quite high. Even when people are cutting back on spending, they still enjoy a night out once in awhile and businesspeople will never stop attending “business lunches.” Most metropolitan areas of the United States will have new restaurants and bars opening up on a monthly basis as well. While some industries are struggling to stay afloat, the service industry is still going strong.

    Being a server can be an exciting career for anyone with a talent for interacting with other people. There are several reasons why you may want to consider a job in this industry, from making cash tips to learning new business skills. Your new career in waiting tables may be a simple phone call away!

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